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VR Porn Video: Fixer Upper

Starring: Penny Archer

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VRBangers Published on Feb 27, 2021
Have you ever fucked someone during your working hours? Now you actually can thanks to incredibly hot VR porn babe, Penny Archer, in our latest virtual reality porn experience called the Fixer Upper. In the Fixer Upper blonde VR porn scene, you will become a skillful handyman working on Penny’s house, doing some smaller and bigger repairs in her luxurious villa. Even though the girl will not get interested in your appearance at first, as soon as she will notice that you could be a potentially “gifted” sexual partner for her, she will change her attitude and start interacting with you. The point is that even though Penny – inside of this VR porn fantasy – has married a rich guy, she is not satisfied with the quality of his sexual activity and she is looking for ever-new occasions to fuck a huge cock wherever she goes. Today she is extremely lucky as one of such dicks arrived to her very own house – and you are the fortunate guy who will be fucked really hard by this always-horny VR porn diva! Wear your VR headset and make sure to make the bitch stay quiet while you will be ramming her tight, juicy pussy – if her husband will catch you red-handed, you two will have a lot of trouble! But you know what? It looks like it actually turns the whore up and she kind of wants to be caught – maybe she will just suck her man’s cock and make him forgive her, and she does not care if you will lose your job or not. Wear your VR headset and enjoy this occasion as much as you can inside of this VR porn movie in 6K ultra high definition – and remember that Penny wants you to fuck her really, really hard, and she kind of expects you to get rid of any remorse that you might have!
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