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VR Porn Video: The First Million

Starring: Anya Ivy

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VRBangers Published on Apr 28, 2021
Have you ever heard the saying that you should steal your first million? Well, certainly not many people manage to get that rich in the real life, but does that mean that you have to push yourself to something as incorrect as stealing? Not in the world of VR Bangers’ immersive VR porn movies! In our latest ebony VR porn scene, Anya Ivy – a black girl with a beautiful, fresh face and stunning body that has already stolen the hearts of thousands of our fans – will become a professional journalist paying a visit to one of the richest guys in the entire world to… let’s just say that to get to know him better. In The First Million teen VR porn video, Anya was supposed to do the interview with the billionaire, but since she will be stunned with all his power, wealth and the gentleman atmosphere that he is spreading around his presence, she will change her plans and fall in a slightly different situation. Since the vixen will be charmed with all the compliments heard from our wealthy guy and, at the same time, it will be extremely problematic for her to withstand the fortune that he owns, she will come up with a solution that could make this little appointment a little bit more spicy – just like in the Indecent Proposal with Demi Moore, she will offer him her sexy body for $1,000,000! This is the way that the beautiful actress is trying to earn her first mil – so not by stealing it but, on the contrary, by giving the most precious thing that she has in exchange for it. Will the billionaire inside of this 6K UHD VR porn video agree on her proposal? It will actually be up to you, as since this is a VR porn fantasy, you will become the guy after wearing your VR headset – do that ASAP and see for yourself if Anya is hot enough for you to spare some of your fortune with her, now!
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