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VR Porn Video: Thief Robs And Fucks You

Starring: Lana Roy

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VRBangers Published on Sep 15, 2021
As Thick As Thieves: Do you like our partner bonus VR porn scenes from BaDoinkVR? Even though we release them on top of our all regular productions, we actually believe that they can really enrich the library of VR Bangers‘ original VR porn videos – and when we are watching a brunette VR porn movie like this one, As Thick As Thieves, it only proves that we are right. Inside of this teen VR porn scene with super-hot Russian whore, Lana Roy, you will be only a couple of days after breaking up with her – and you still will have some things that need to be settled. When you ended your relationship with Lana you thought that it would be the last time you would see her. You did not exactly end on the best of terms – hell, you still have some of her belongings at your place. Today, Lana is coming back for what is hers. She has broken into your place and placed a tannerite charge on your safe to blow that bitch open and retrieve her gold earrings – which means that, okay, now you gotta step in. But lookout, she is armed! And you definitely do not want to mess with that. So what can you do? Well, since it seems that Lana wants to steal one more thing from you – the contents of your balls inside of this blowjob VR porn video – you will be forced to cooperate with her and just let her do her “job”. Allow this thick thief to rob and fuck you blind as much as she wants – something tells us that this relationship is not over in her mind, but who cares? There may be no honor amongst thieves, but there is definitely a raw passion and you just want to fuck that tight little pussy as hard as possible, right?
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